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Poker - Isolating the Tight Passive Player

When playing tournament poker, you are going to find that your table is going to be top-heavy with tight players. 

This is especially true of the early stages in a tournament because most of the literature available in poker recommends a nice tight strategy in the earlier levels. 

With this in mind, here are a few tips on how to approach a game of poker against a common type of player known as the tight-passive player.

Tight-passive players are players who do not just play tight, but also check and fold more than they bet and raise, both pre and post flop. 

These types of players are always trying to see flops on the cheap, and are the prime candidates to limp into the pot, and then call a raise with anything but the top of their range. 

Against these types of players, we want to isolate them and play pots with them in position. 

The usual raise size is triple the size of the big blind, plus one additional big blind for each player that has limped before you. 

The advantage you have over tight-passive players is that they are adept at folding a lot, so with this in mind you want to bet many flops when checked to. 

Once again, because these types of players do not call that often, your bet sizing does not need to be that big. You can bet just a little over 50% pot and it will be sufficient to get the job done. 

The times the tight-passive player finds a hand, you can fold on the turn and have lost the bare minimum on the flop.






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Poker: Isolating the tight passive poker player