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Bingo - Peace and Quiet!

Even when there’s only a cuddly toy for a prize in a Blackpool amusement arcade, bingo players like a bit of hush when the game is in progress.

So when the stakes are super-high online, with thousands of pounds to be won on every game, the need for concentration is especially high.

Playing in a bingo hall can be a trial for some people. As much as the caller might ask for quiet while the game is on, there will always be the rattle of crisp packets, the clink of glasses or someone at the next table with a coughing fit.

The last thing anyone wants is to find, when house is called elsewhere, that in fact they would have won themselves but missed a number.

So although bingo is a social game, where people have often made lifelong friends, it’s best to take it seriously once the balls are in play.

Playing at home brings its own challenges, so it’s best to have a strategy when it comes to bingo time.

It’s one thing to think that a quick game between tea and Coronation Street would be fun, but would you be able to give it your full undivided attention?

A few years ago, surfing the internet tended to be something that was done in a dedicated office or study, because people used computers – mostly desktops – that had to be physically connected to a modem.

Now, we’re all used to accessing the internet via a laptop on our knees while we watch TV, listen to music or chat with the family.

But that move from a quiet room to a family space means there will be more noise and more of a distraction.

Even the best behaved of children may decide to ask for a chocolate biscuit just as you’re waiting for one number to win the game.

So if you can, find somewhere quiet where you can be undisturbed for a while. You could sit on the bed or put the laptop on the kitchen table outside of mealtimes.
If the only comfortable option is still going to be the living room, you could plug earphones into the computer which will help you hear the numbers better. There are noise-cancelling headphones available fairly cheaply that will blot out most extraneous noise.

You could tell the family that you’re having some “me” time, and to leave you in peace for half an hour or so, and you’ll find that your bingo playing becomes more enjoyable.




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Bingo Peace and Quiet